Poor Family’s Guide

Family vacations and activities are expensive. When starter bows cost $500 and accessories and arrows drive the beginning archery price to $1,000, the average family cannot afford to engage in this life-changing sport. Juggling debts, limited budgets, or living on one income to homeschool the kids typically eliminates the trip to Hawaii. Our Poor Family’s Guide (PFG) offers tips, stories, and alternatives that not only make fun and adventure affordable, but take you to new peaks you might not have attempted. Even the wealthy can enjoy our cost-saving tips and the survival skills we’ve developed as we refused to give up our adventurous lifestyle despite a lack of funds. Overcoming financial hurdles by adapting our methods and equipment has lead to innovation, accomplishment, and fulfillment we never dreamed possible. The vast playground awaiting Americans on our public lands and even friends’ or relatives’ properties is nearly unlimited. Few people realize the natural beauty, adventure, and survival food hidden even in big cities when one learns where to look.

While you may not want to get your kayak bounced around by a pair of breaching humpback whales, or find yourself racing to save capsized sea kaykers from hypothermia, you’ll likely enjoy our harrowing survival tales. On the lighter side, we can’t express the satisfaction, memories, and togetherness our family has built around the economical pursuit of adventure in America’s wonderland. Fun and personal growth doesn’t have to break your bank account.