Legacy Makers Outdoor & Survival School

As disasters such as drought, wildfires, timber disease, and drinking water contamination decimate the land, it’s time to leverage forgotten basics with modern tools to brace ourselves for disaster, while building a prosperous legacy for future generations. Comments from both ends of the political spectrum are increasingly worried about an impending crash in society, and the culture’s total lack of preparation. Carelessly unleashing social media, technology, and hyper-political media has crippled the current generation’s ability to navigate life, cope with challenges, socially interact, or sustainably manage our environment. What will happen if society collapses, leaving us without the local building supply or grocery store? It’s not so terrifying when you suddenly find yourself knowing the ancient arts of primitive technology and wild food acquisition. The forest, plain, river, lake, desert, mountain, and even the abandoned city lot suddenly become a grocery store and building supply. The weather, land, and water transform from a foreign language to a book you can read. The barren wilderness outside of town transforms to your luxury resort where adventure and fun abound. Join us to help build a legacy for the next generation.

Our goal is to share a unique life experience where ancient traditions blend with new experience in the natural world to produce adventure, sustainability, and fulfillment. Using the natural world to navigate the modern rat race begins producing a sense of peace, tranquility, beauty, and love. The fast-paced, high tech society that we’ve come to depend on is tearing us apart like a methamphetamine addiction. It doesn’t take advanced mathematics to see how the “benefits” of modern technologies and culture were quickly outweighed by the destructive drawbacks. Our low-tech, back-to-the-earth experience provides the real deal that the “reality” TV shows try to bring the untrained masses. The spiritual destruction our culture has wrought by twisting and removing our Creator's life-giving precepts can be found through countless object lessons in the outdoors. Life is too short to accept the status quo for your life. Encounter the next level experience!